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Cheung, W. M., Tse, S. K., Tsang, W. H. H. (2003). Creative writing practice in primary schools: A case study in Hong Kong. The Korean Journal of Thinking & Problem Solving, 13, 55-65.



Creative writing practice in primary schools: A case study in Hong Kong.


The Korean Journal of Thinking & Problem Solving




Vol. 13


Wai Ming CHEUNG, Shek Kam TSE, Wing Hong Hector TSANG


The literature shows that studies related to the practice of creative writing in primary schools are scarce, especially in Chinese societies. This case study has the modest aim to understand the current practice of the teaching of writing in a primary school and examine the effects of a tailor-made training program of creative writing practice on teachers. Participants consisted of the principal, two panel chairpersons of the Chinese Language subject, and four Chinese Language teachers at primary four level. After the provision of a training program to the four teachers by a doctoral level expert for one year, the participants were interviewed using an eight-item semi-structured questionnaire. Results revealed various difficulties experienced by students in writing. Teachers basically adopted the traditional approach to the teaching of writing. In addition, the school did not support the practice of creative writing. The case study showed that the teachers were able to produce significant positive results in terms of the teaching of creative writing provided that an effective and tailor-made training program was given to them by qualified trainers. Apart from the positive changes of the teachers, students were observed to be more creative in their writings. Directions for further research are discussed.


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